Cool Guy Friend-Kun Edit

Cool Guy Friend-Kun (クールな男友達 Kooru Gai Furendo Koon) is the coolest kid at School Academy and is MC-Kun's only friend. While he could hang out with anyone in class or date any grill, he chooses to hang out with MC-Kun because he's such a good guy and he sees MC-Kun for who he is, unlike everyone else prior to the start of the story. Cool Guy Friend-Kun is actually blind, but it is impossible for anyone to tell because of his sunglasses and his super cool ability to not have any negative side affects from blindness. In the accident that blinded him, his own sister was hurt and put into a hospital, so he has to go and check on her from time to time. This is also the reason for Cool Guy Friend-Kun's apparent aloofness as he is often doing odd jobs and the like to provide for himself and his sister and is usually too tired or busy to deal with the normal drama that a character in his position would.