TheShreker is the creator and primary artist for LnRDH (Love-no-Romance-Desu-Heart). TheShreker really ought to put out more chapters... I mean they're made in MS Paint for God's sake! But I digress. TheShreker is under constant threat of Tesfallout's Orbital Freedom Cannon, and Tes will not hesitate to send an expedited package of freedom to TheShreker, unless of course he puts out a new damn chapter!

Origin Edit

TheShreker was born on March 99th, 1775, and was destined for greatness... (if you call making a web comic using a mouse on MS Paint, "greatness." TheShreker began to read Romance Manga 230 years later and actually kind of liked it... but after reading enough of it he noticed a couple of tropes and trends that really annoyed him. Instead of trying to produce something that would make actual changes to the genre of Romance Manga, he decided to make a comic compiled with every trope that he and The "Creative" Team could think of.

Personal Life Edit

TheShreker spends most of his days training under a waterfall of melted salted caramel. This training has given him the power to be both incredibly salty, all the while being incredibly sweet. With his Salty-Sweet Fist Technique he roams the land, commenting on Anime and Manga alike. Unbeknownst to some, LnRDH (Love-no-Romance-Desu-Heart) was conceived when he and Tesfallout fought for the first time over who was the best girl in that one show. TheShreker's Salty-Sweet Fist Technique did surprisingly well against Tesfallout's Gun-no-Freedom Fist. Somehow a completed chapter of LnRDH came out as a result.