The Origin

The "Creative" Team are the genius minds behind Love-no-Romance-Desu-Heart. The oracles and soothsayers believe that the members of The "Creative" Team met on the battlefields of Sarak-Dun, where they all fought for the title of "Meme Master General." It mostly ended up being a meetup at Starbucks after they got tired of beating up TheShreker for ten straight minutes. The "Creative" Team includes: TheShreker as the original artist and story board designer. BrushBandit, a much better artist who redraws the series sometimes for the giggles. Tesfallout, also known as "Dammit Tes I will cut you," who supplies TheShreker with every single anime grill trope, as well as some scenarios. The last member of The "Creative" Team is Rainbowjack (aka "RamboJet" aka "The Salty Skittle" from California), who created the English name for the series (I Can't Believe My Romance Novel is Falling Into an Eternal Space Where Many Things Happen for No Reason), and is another trope and scenario provider


The "Creative" Team